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IGHS Winkels

World Geography Chapter 10

plateau an area of high, flat land
peninsula strip of land that juts out into the Pacific Ocean
irrigation the artificial watering of farmland by storing and distributing water drawn from reservoirs or rivers.
sinkhole when the roof of a cavern collapses
haciendas large, Spanish-owned estates of land usually run as farms or cattle ranches
land redistribution the government bought out land owners of haciendas and divided the land among landless peasants
ejidos farmland owned collectively by member of a rural community
subsistence farming only enough crops are grown to meet the family's needs
latifundios commercial farms
cash crops farm crops grown for sale and profit/sugar cane, coffee, fruit, corn
migrant workers peasants who travel from place to place where extra workers are needed to cultivate or harvest crops
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement/designed to compete with the European Union
maquiladoras factories that assemble products for consumers in the U.S.
Created by: Winkels