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Stack #28020

Allogrooming the common primate practice of carefully picking through the hair of someone, looking for insects, twigs, and other debris. Grooming others is a common way by which primates communicate affection and reduce group tension. See autogrooming.
Autogrooming grooming oneself in contrast to allogrooming
Displaying stylized behavior: a pattern of animal behavior used to produce a response in other animals, especially of the same species, e.g. when courting or defending territory
Sexual: Courtship Specialized behavior in animals that leads to or initiates mating.
Submission yielding, or readiness to yield: a willingness to yield or surrender to somebody, or the act of doing so
Weaning weaning, ablactation -- (the act of substituting other food for the mother's milk in the diet of a child or young mammal)
Submission: Displaced displace -- (take the place of)
Submission: Grimaced A grimace (also called a bared teeth expression), often coupled with a crouching posture, indicating submission and probably fear.
Submission: Lip Smack A lip-smack used to indicate appeasement.
Submission: Present (for sex) There, willingly or not
Created by: jurbanski