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greek art dates

greek art midterm

0.11. Mycenae, Lion Gate Late Bronze Age c 1250 BC
1.1. Onouphrios Ware jug Early Minoan I c 3000-2500 BC
1.7. Stone jug Early Minoan II c 2500-2200 BC
1.9. Vasilike Ware Early Minoan II c 2500-2200 BC
1.10-13. Cycladic figurines Early Cycladic II c 2500-2200 BC
1.14. 'Frying Pan' early Cycladic II c 2500-2200 BC
1.15. Terracotta hedgehog early Cycladic II c 2500-2200 BC
1.16-17. Plan of Lerna Early Helladic II c 2500-2200 BC
2.3. Faience plaques Middle mionan II c 1900-1700 BC
2.1. and 2.6. Snake goddesses middle Minoan III c 1700-1550 BC
2.4. House model late Minoan I c 1550-1450 BC
2.7. Ivory acrobat Middle Minoan c 1700-1550 BC
2.12-13. Kamares Ware Middle Minoan II c 1900-1700 BC
3.1. Plaster Female head Late Helladic IIIB c 1300-1200 BC
3.2-5. Knossos Late Minoan c 1550-1100 BC
3.6. Bull-leaping fresco late Minoan I c 1550-1450 BC
3.12. Gold and Ivory statue late Minoan I c 1550-1450 BC
3.14-5. Harvester Vase late Minoan I c 1550-1450 BC
3.16. Bull rhyton late Minoan I c 1550-1450 BC
3.20. Octopus Jar late Minoan IB c 1500-1450
3.23. Phaistos disk middle Minoan III/ late Minoan I c 1700-1450 BC
3.25-6. Agia Triada Sarcophagus late Minoan c 1400 BC
3.28. Flying Fish fresco LB I c 1600-1500 BC
3.32 Landscape fresco LB I c 1600-1500 BC
3.33, 3.38-42. Mycenae late Helladic c 1200 BC
3.35. Gold mask late Helladic I c 1550-1500 BC
3.43-44. Tiryns late Helladic IIIB c 1300-1200 BC
3.47. Megaron at Pylos late Helladic 13th century BC
3.50.phi and psi Figurines late Helladic IIIA c 1400-1300 BC
3.53. Octopus stirrup jar late Helladic IIIC c 1200-1100 BC
3.54. Warrior vase late Helladic IIIB-C c 1300-1100 BC
4.1. Bronze horse dark age/geometric c 750-700 BC
4.6-7. Lefkandi dark age/geometric 10th century BC
4.10. Dreros temple dark age/geometric c 8th century BC
4.11. Dreros statuettes dark age/geometric c 700 BC
4.13. Centaur, from Lefkandi dark age/geometric 10th century BC
4.14. Tripod cauldron dark age/geometric 8th century BC
4.19. Protogeometric pots, from the Kerameikos dark/geo 11th/10th century BC
4.20, 24-27. Geometric vases dark age/geometric 9th Century BC
5.1 Mykonos relief amphora Orientalizing c 650 BC
5.3. Protocorinthian animal style olpe Orientalizing c 650-625 BC
5.4. Macmillan aryballos Orientalizing c 650 BC
5.5. Chigi vase (olpe) Orientalizing c 650 BC
5.8. Analatos Painter amphora Orientalizing c 700-675 BC
5.9. Eleusis amphora Orientalizing c 650 BC
5.11. Wild Goat Style Orientalizing c 625 BC
5.12. Griffin Jug, from Aegina Orientalizing c 675-650 BC
5.13-15. Temple of Apollo, Thermon Orientalizing c 625 BC
5.16-18. Prinias temple Orientalizing c 625-600 BC
5.26. Mantiklos 'Apollo' Orientalizing c 700-675 BC
5.27. Bronze griffin protome Orientalizing c 700-675 BC
5.30. Bronze youth, from Delphi Orientalizing c 625 BC
5.33. Auxerre statuette Orientalizing c 640 BC
5.35. Nikandre kore Orientalizing c 640 BC
5.37. Ivory kneeling youth, from Samos Orientalizing c 625 BC
6.1. Phrasikleia Archaic c 540 BC
6.3. Doric/Ionic orders Archaic
6.4. Plan of Doric temple Archaic 6th century BC
6.6-7. Temple of Apollo, Corinth Archaic c 560 BC
6.8-9. Temple of Artemis, Corcyra (Corfu) archaic c 580 BC
6.14. Pediments, Temple of Aphaia at Aegina Archaic w: c 500-490, e: c 490-480
6.23-4. Athenian Treasury, Delphi Archaic c 490-480 BC
6.25-29. Siphnian Treasury, Delphi Archaic c 530 BC
6.42. New York Kouros Archaic c 600 BC
6.43. Sounion kouros Archaic c 580 BC
6.44. Kleobis and Biton Archaic c 580 BC
6.46. Anavysos kouros Archaic c 530 BC
6.48. Calf-bearer Archaic c 560 BC
6.49. Rampin Horseman Archaic c 560 BC
6.51. Berlin kore Archaic c 570-560 BC
6.52. Peplos kore Archaic c 530 Bc
6.58. Samos kouros Archaic c 580-575 BC
6.61. Geneleos Group, Samos archaic c 560-550 BC
6.64. Naxian sphinx Archaic c 560 BC
6.66. Grave stele fragment Archaic c 560 BC
6.67. Stele of Aristion Archaic c 510 BC
6.72. Vase shapes Archaic
6.73. Sophilos dinos Archaic c 580 BC
6.74. Francois Vase Archaic c 570 BC
6.76. Amasis Painter amphora Archaic c 540-530 BC
6.77. Suicide of Ajax Archaic c 540 BC
6.78. Achilles and Penthesilea, Exekias Archaic c 540-530 BC
6.79. Ajax and Achilles amphora, Exekias Archaic c 540-530 BC
6.82. Corinthian krater Archaic c 560 BC
6.83. Laconian cup Archaic c 560 BC
6.86. Caeretan hydria Archaic c 530-520 BC
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