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Astronomy lesson 3

Apologia Astronomy lesson 3

A day on Mercury is __________ Earth days. 59
A year on Mercury is ___________ Earth days. 88
An orbit around the sun in an oval pattern, not a circular pattern. Elliptical
Means "Earth like"; a planet that has a solid surface Terrestrial
Planets that do not have solid ground to stand on; they are made of gases Gaseous
Spaceships that do not transport people; they are remotely controlled by computers and scientists on Earth Unmanned spacecraft
Mercury's temperature can range from ________ degrees above zero to ________ degrees below zero. 750 (degrees above zero)300 (degrees below zero)
The surface of Mercury has ______________ caused by large asteroids crashing into it. craters
If you could stand on Mercury and look at the Sun, what color would it appear? White
Mercury was named after the Roman god of ___________. travel
The largest crater on Mercury is the size of what state? Texas
What does the sky look like on Mercury? Dark or black
Mercury has very _____________ atmosphere which causes great changes in temperature because it is unable to hold in the heat like Earth. little
The farther away from the Sun a planet is the ____________ it takes to make one revolution around the Sun. longer
Created by: amcollins