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Chap. 11-Weiser

The level of air closet to Earth's surface is the_________________. troposphere
____________________________is the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on Earth. Air pressure
The process by which water in a fish tank disappears over time is called_________________________. evaporation
______________________is the process by which water changes from a gas to a liquid. Condensation
A large body of air that has the same temperature and humidity throughout is called a __________________________. air mass
The________________________ is the movement of water from Earth, to the atmosphere, and back to Earth. water cycle
The blanket of air surrounding Earth is the___________________. atmosphere
The____________is the border between two air masses. front
The name of the wind that blows constantly from the same direction is ________________wind. prevailing
If winter weather is about the same every year, this weather pattern is called _______________. climate
If you were on an island in the Caribbean Sea, the air mass that would be formed over you would be _______________________. maritime tropical
You use a _______________ to measure the pressure of the surrounding air. barometer
Most of Earth's weather happens in the __________________. troposphere
Cold air is _____________than warm air; ____________air exerts more pressure. denser cold
__________________________has the greatest effect on humidity. Air temperature
Earth's_________________on its_____________causes prevailing winds to move in curved paths. rotation axis
Created by: Mrs. Logan