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Using Latin II:VI

Beginning Latin

Carrus, -i (m.) Cart
Castellum, -i (n.) Fort, fortress, stronghold; Redoubt
Deditio, -onis (f.) Surrender
Hiberna, -orum (n. pl.) Winter quarters, winter camp
Inopia, -ae (f.) Lack, want, scarcity; Need, poverty
Latus, -eris (n.) Side, flank, wing (of an army)
Legatio, -onis (f.) Embassy, legation; Mission
Pagus, -i (m.) District, canton
Triduum, -i (n.) Period of three days, three days
Confertus, -a, -um Crowded, in close array, close
Cotidianus, -a, -um Daily; Ordinary, usual
Intermis, -e Unarmed, defenseless
Necessarius, -a, -um Necessary, critical; as m. pl. noun - Friends, kinsmen
Repentinus, -a, -um Sudden
Triplex, -icis (gen. adj.) Threefold, triple, in three divisions or lines
Tutus, -a, -um Protected, safe; as a n. noun - Safety, place of safety
Jacio, -ere, jeci, jactum To throw
Disjicio, -jicere, disjeci, disjactum To scatter
Rejicio, -jicere, rejeci, rejectum To throw back
Subjicio, -jicere, subjeci, subjectum To put under
Verto, -ere, verti, versum To turn
Adverto, -ere, adverti, advertum To turn away
Converto, convertere, converti, convertum To turn around
Revertor, -verti, -versus sum To turn back, return
Comperio, -perire, -peri, -pertum To find out, discover, learn
Concedo, concedere, -cessi, -cessum To go away, yield; Grant, permit
Concido, -cidere, -cidi, -cisum To cut down, cut to pieces, kill
Consido, considere, -sedi, -sessum To sit down; Halt; Encamp, settle
Conspicor, -spicari, -atus sum To catch sight of, observe, see, behold
Consuesco, -suescere, -suevi, -suetum To become accustomed; in the perfect - To be accustomed, be in the habit of
Contineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentum To hold together; Shut in, bound; Contain, maintain, restrain
Convenio, -venire, -veni, -ventum To come together, come; Meet, meet w/, assemble, come to, arrive
Convenit (imper.) An agreement is made, it is agreed
Created by: Hamilcar