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Biology Key Words

Kerboodle Glossary

Active site Part of an enzyme where reactants bind
Adult stem cells Stem cells that are found in adults that can differentiate and form number of cells
Aerobic respiration Exo reaction where glucose is broken down using O to make CO2 and H20 and release energy for the cells
Alleles Dif forms of the same gene
Alveoli Tiny air sacs in lungs that increase SA for gaseous exchange
Amino acids Molecules made of C, H, O, N that are the building blocks of the exchange
Amylase Enzyme that speeds up digestion of starch into sugar
Anaerobic respiratiom Exo reaction where glucose is broken down into the absence of O to make lactic acid in the animals and ethanol and CO2 in plants and yeast. Small amount of energy for cells.
Arteries Blood vessels that carry blood away from heart. Usually carry oxygenated blood and have a pulse
Asexual reproduction One individual and the offspring is identical to the parent. No fusion of gametes or mixing of genetic info
Atria Upper chambers of heart
Bacteria Single-celled prokaryotic organisms
Benign tumours Growths of abnormal cells that are contained in one area, usually within a membrane, do not invade other tissue
Bile Neutralises stomach acid to give a high pH for the enzymes from the pancreas and small intestine to work well. Not an enzyme
Biodeversity A measure of the variety of all the different species of organisms on earth
Cancer Common name for a malignant tumour, formed as a result of changes in cells that lead to uncontrolled growth and devision
Capillaries Smallest blood vessels. Run between individual cells, one cell thick walls
Cell membrane Controls what moves in and out of the cell
Cell wall The rigid structure and plant and algal ells. It is made of cellulose and strengthens the cell
Cellulose Complex carbohydrate that makes up plant and algal cells and gives them strength
Chlorophyll The green pigment contained in the chloroplasts
Chloroplasts The organelles in which photosynthesis takes place
Community Group of interdependent living organisms in an ecosystem
Coronary arteries The blood vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the heart
Cytoplasm Water-based gel in which the organelles of all living cells are suspended and most of the chemical reactions take place
Denatured The breakdown of he molecular structure of a protein so it is no longer functions
Diffusion The spreading out of the particles of any substance in a solution, or particles in a gas, resulting in a net movement of higher to lower concentration
Created by: Benjamin Beeston
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