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9th Chp 10.3 OUTLINE

9th Chp 10.3 - OUTLINE

CAPITIVITY Methods to preserve individual species often involve keeping and breeding the species in __________.
CAPTIVE - BREEDING Wildlife experts may attempt to restore the population of a species through _______-_______ programs.
REINTRODUCING These programs involve breeding species in captivity, with the hopes of ________ populations to their natural habitats.
CONDORS This type of program has been used successfully with the Californian ______, for example. But the question remains whether or not these restored populations will ever reproduce in the wild.
GENETIC One way to save the essence of a species is by preserving its ______ material.
BANKS Germ-plasm _____ store germ plasm in controlled environments for future use in research or species-recovery efforts.
ZOOS In some cases, ___ now house the few remaining members of a species and are perhaps the species' last hope for survival.
AQUARIUMS Zoos, wildlife parks, ________, and botanical gardens, are living museums of the worlds biodiversity.
RARELY But, these kinds of facilities ____have enough resources or knowledge to preserve more than a fraction of the world's rare and threatened species.
DOES LITTLE Ultimately, saving a few individuals ______ _______ to preserve a species as captive species may not reproduce or survive again in the wild.
DISEASES Also, small populations are vulnerable to infectious _____ and genetic disorders caused by inbreeding.
LAST Conservationists hope that these strategies are a ___ resort to save species.
HABITATS The most effective way to save species is to protect their _________.
DISASTER Small plots of land for a single population is usually not enough because a species confined to a small area could be wiped out a single natural _______. While other species require a large range to find adequate food.
LARGE Therefore, protecting the habitats of endangered and threatened species often means preserving or managing ____ areas.
ENTIRE Most conservationists now give priority to protecting ______ ecosystems rather than individual species.
MOST By doing this, we may be able to save _____ of the species in an ecosystems instead of only the ones that have been identified as endangered.
PUBLIC The general _______ has how begun to understand that Earth's biosphere depends on all its connected ecosystems.
STRATEGIES While conservationists focus on the hotspots discussed earlier to protect biodiversity worldwide, they also support additional ________.
NATIVE One strategy is to identify areas of ______ habitat that can be preserved, restored, and linked into large networks.
PRODUCTS Another promising strategy is to promote ___________ that have been harvested with sustainable practices.
SERIOUS Conservationists emphasize the urgent need for more ________ of the working of species and ecosystems,
1973 For example, in ___, the U.S. Congress pass the Endangered Species Act.
ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT The _______ _____ _________ is designed to protect any plant or animal species in danger or extiinction.
BIODIVERSITY TREATY The ________ __________ is an international agreement aimed at strengtheining national control and preservation of biological resources.
PRIVATE Many ________ organizations work to protect species worldwide, often more effectively than government agencies.
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