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CVI-Exam 4

Five rights to case management Right care, right time, right provider, right setting, right price
When acting as a mediator, the nurse advocate would: assist new parents in communicating with their health plan regarding well-baby coverage.
nurse working with a Hispanic client explains referral options available for client to receive a mamm. One is free, has limited Span. lang. resources. The other a nominal fee & cmprhnsv Span. lang. rsrces. nurse spprts the client’s decision to choose the promoter.
In case management, it is unlikely that any single professional has the expertise, knowledge, or skills required to achieve success. The synergy produced by all involved parties (client, providers, payers, family/significant others, and community organiza collaboration.
A parent involved in conflict resolution with her teenager says, “I know that some of your friends stay out until midnight, but I think it is best if you are in at 10 o’clock.” This statement, a behavior seen in conflict situations, is an example of: assertiveness.
A nurse functioning in the role of a case manager performs which of the following functions in the care delivery process? Risk analysis, Data mapping, Epidemiologic investigation of unexpected illnesses
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