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Science Unit 1 test

scientific method and metric system test

What instrument is used to measure volume? graduated clylinder
What instrument is used to measure mass? scale
What is the most commonly used system of measurement in the world? metric system
What is the amount of matter in an object? mass
What is volume? amount of space an object takes up
What force affects weight but does not affect mass? gravity
What is water displacement? when the volume of water rises due to the mass of an irregular shaped object
How do you determine the mode of a set of numbers? Select the number that appears most often.
How do you determine the median of a set of numbers? Place the numbers in numerical order and select the middle number.
What is a dependent variable? The measure of the repsonse that has occurred due to a change in the independent variable.
What is the Scientific Method? A series of planned steps scientists use in order to solve a problem or answer a question.
What is the independent variable? The one factor you are testing in your experiment, and the only factor which casuses change.
What are the factors that must be kept the same in a scientific experiment? constants
What is the first step in the scientific method? Ask a question.
What are the steps and instructions you follow when conducting an experiement? procedure
What should be included in the conclusion of a lab report? Summary of the experiment and whether the hypothesis was correct
Created by: AMS Study Skills