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Unit 13 Vocabulary

aedificium, aedificii, n building
aula, aulae, f palace
bestia, bestiae, f beast
calor, caloris, m heat
cauda, caudae, f tail
caverna, cavernae, f cave
dies, diei, m day
leo, leonis, m lion
locus, loci, m place
ludus, ludi, m game
marmor, marmoris, n marble
murus, muri, m wall
saxum, saxi, n rock
situs, situs, m site, location
sol, solis, m sun
spina, spinae, f thorn
attonitus, attonita, attonitum astonished
ingens, ingentis huge
mirabilis, mirabilis, mirabile amazing
construo, construere, construxi, constructus, 3 build
custodio, custodire, custodivi, custoditus, 4 guard, protect
demonstro, demonstrare, demonstravi, demonstratus, 1 point out, show
obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum,3dep forget
occupo, occupare, occupavi, occupatus,1 occupy
parco, parcere, peperci, 3 spare
sto, stare, steti, 1 stand
blande gentle, smooth
clementer mildly, softly
comiter kindly, courteously
procul at a distance, far off
Created by: Jasanchez