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Body Defenses

Which body system is responsible for allergic reactions? Immune System
Which is NOT a symptom of an allergic reaction? Itchy Mouth, Tightness in throat, Fever Fever
Is there a cure for allergies? no
A serious allergic reaction that comes on quickly and has the potential to be deadly is called: Anaphylaxis
Which is NOT an example of an Autoimmune disease? Rheumatoid arthritis, Anaphylaxis, Multiple Sclerosis Anaphylaxis
During an allergic reaction, antibodies bound to antigen (allergen) trigger Mast cells to release what? Histamine
An immune response that causes tissue damage is called a(n) allergy (hypersensitivity)
Lymph nodes are clustered in key areas including all but which? axillary region, hands, neck, groin hands
Vaccines should be used at your own risk because of their link to autism (true or false) FALSE
This works by triggering a primary immune response so that your body has memory cells and can react quickly to an actual pathogen if ever exposed. vaccines
This immune response is larger and stronger. The adaptive immune system in response to a second exposure to the same antigen
These white blood cells mature in the bone marrow and produce antibodies to attack extracellular antigens B cells
These white blood cells mature in the Thymus and attack cells infected with intracellular antigens. T cells
This immune system reacts immediately after an infection of an antigen Innate or non-specific immunity.
This immune system can take 14 days to respond to an infection from an antigen the first time. adaptive immunity
Why does your body respond so much faster the second time you are exposed to the same antigen? Your adaptive immune system produced memory cells.
A foreign molecule that causes an immune response antigen
Fever, swelling, redness are what type of immune response? 2nd barrier, innate or non-specific immunity
Your skin, mucus membranes, secretions are all part of which immune response? 1st barrier, innate or non-specific immunity
B and T cells are part of which immune response 3rd response, specific or adaptive immunity
Being antigen specific, having memory and systemic are attributes of which immune system? Adaptive immune system
It is important to maintain a high level of vaccination in a community to protect those who cannot receive vaccines. What is this immunity called? Herd immunity
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