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Science 8 Biology

(Molecular Biology) NC Science 8 standards for 8.L.5

Photosynthesis the process by which the cells of plants and some other organisms use the energy of sunlight to make their own food
Cellular Respiration the process by which cells break down sugar to release stored energy
Nutrient a substance that an organism needs to carry out life functions
Nervous System the human body system that gathers and responds to information about the surrounding environment
Digestive System the human body system that takes in food and breaks it down into smaller molecules that can be used by cells
Circulatory System the human body system that carries oxygen and food to cells and carries carbon dioxide and wastes away from cells
Respiratory System the human body system that takes in oxygen from the air and passes it to the circulatory system, and releases carbon dioxide and water vapor to the air
Toxic harmful to the body
Addiction a physical dependence on a substance
Microorganism a living thing that cannot be seen without a microscope
Microbiology the study of microscopic organisms
Pathogen a microorganism that causes disease
Fungus a one-celled or many-celled organism such as a mushroom, yeast, or mold; a member of the kingdom Fungi
Parasite an organism that lives in or on another organism and benefits at the other organism's expense
Virus a pathogen that consists of a microscopic core of genetic material surrounded by a protein coating
Bacteria one or two domains of prokaryotes
Antibiotic a drug that kills bacteria or slows their growth
Infectious Disease a disease that can be passed from one organism to another
Epidemic an outbreak of a disease that affects many people in an area
Pandemic an epidemic that spreads over a large area, or throughout the world
Vector an organism that transmits a disease
Vaccine a weakened or dead form of a pathogen that causes an organism to develop immunity against that pathogen
Gene a tiny part of a chromosome that helps determine a particular trait
DNA a large molecule containing the genetic information that determines an organism's traits
Biotechnology the manipulation of living things to make useful products
Genome the complete sequence of an organism's DNA
Genetic Modification a technology that changes the genetic material of a living organism
Cloning a technique that produces an organism that is an exact genetic copy of another
Asexual Reproduction a process of reproduction that involves only one parent and produces offspring genetically identical to the parent
Sexual Reproduction the process in which cells from two parents join to produce offspring
Created by: Alia Cherrywood
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