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Quake! vocabulary

Readygen Unit 3 Mod A

tensed nervous, uneasy, worried, edgy
coaxed persuaded, sweet-talked, butter-up,
agitated nervous, skittish, trembling, jittery, rattled
realized understood, aware
stampeded herd, run, flee, trample
careened wheeled, staggered, revolved
aimlessly wandering, haphazard, purposeless, goalless
debris wreckage, remains, waste, litter
emerged surfaced, materialized, appeared, become visible
casual informal, everyday, relaxed, easygoing, laid-back
precaution safeguard, safety, safety measure, carefulness
unrecognizable unfamiliar, obscured, changed, altered
massive huge, enormous, gigantic
intact whole, undisturbed, entire, complete, unbroken
suggestion idea, recommendation, hint,tip
balancing holding, steadying, stabilizing, leveling
queasy uneasy, ill, nauseous, sick, unwell
said told, muttered, exclaimed, continued
professor a teacher at a college or university
college a place students go to receive an education beyond high school
refused not being willing to do something
regaled to entertain or amuse. To say something in a way that is engaging
harsh unpleasant, rough, cruel, or severe
suffix "-ian" 1. of a place, or its people . 2. One skilled in something . Examples: pediatrician=one skilled in pediatrics Martian=from Mars
suffix "-ist" A person who . Example: journalist=a person who journals
suffix "-ism" An act, condition, or practice of Example: heroism=an act or condition of being a hero
Created by: treankler