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What is climate? represents the average pattern of these elements over a long period of time (usually 100 years) in a particular location.
weather the measurement of the elements at a particular moment in time.
The three temperature extremes on the planet are... North Pole, South Pole, and Equator.
continents composed of... composed of lighter minerals such as silica, aluminum, and potassium
ocean basins composed of larger amounts o fdenser minerals such as iron and magnesium.
six continents 1) Africa 2) Eurasia 3)Antarctica 4) Australia 5) North America 6) South America
five oceans Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern
aquifer a porous and permeable subsurface rock layer that contains water
atoll a circular coral island that forms on top of a volcano.
basin a broad flat area on the Earth's surface, usually surrounded by highlands.
canyon a steep sided valley eroded or cut by a river.
cape a pointed piece of land jutting into a water body.
Continental Divide the highest point on a continent that determines the direction of river flow.
delta sediment built up at the mouth of a river; usually swampy.
escarpment an inland cliff or steep slope
estuary the broad mouth of a river where fresh and seawater meet; usually somewhat enclosed by land.
fjord/fiord- a narrow in let or former coastal glacial valley that has filled with water after the glacier retreated (melted) and sea level rose, usually very steep-sided.
gulf an extensive inlet of seawater penetrating far into land.
headwaters the beginning point of a river in the highlands.
island a landmass surrounded by water; smaller than a continent; Greenland is the world's largest.
isthmus- a narrow piece of land with water on both sides connectin gtow larger landmasses.
oasis a place in the desert where on eor more artesian wells have brought water to the surface to allow vegetation to grow.
peninsula a relatively narrow piece of land jutting out into water; larger than a point or cape.
plain an extensive area of land that is relatively flat and lower lying than surrounding landforms.
reef a ridge of coral (skeletal remains of marine creatures that have collected in one place), lying close to the surface of the water; attracts other sea life.
sea- a smaller division of an ocean that is frequently surrounded almost completely by land;water is saline.
strait (choke point)- a narrow stretch of water that connects two larger bodies of water. Also referred to as a choke point.
2 types of regions formal/homogeneous and functional
location the bedrock concept of geography. represented as site or situation.
site the physical location of a place (latitude associated with climate, for example)
situation location of the place in relation to other places, including landforms, water bodies cities, countries, and other regions.
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