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Geography Post Test

Use this to review for the Geography SLO test

This trading network of interconnected routes linking Europe, Africa, and Asia helped civilizations develop and provided a route for goods, technology, and ideas to travel between civilizations. The Silk Road
As more land is being cleared to farm food for growing cities, there is an increasing danger of the loss of fertile soil caused by over-farming and over grazing animals. This process of clearing land is known as: deforestation
These seasonal winds bring moist air from the ocean that falls as rain during the wet season affecting agriculture in India and other southern Asian countries. monsoons
Why do many Hindus and Buddhists choose to be vegetarians in today’s world? they value all forms of human and animal life
One way Chinese farmers living in mountainous regions adapted to that environment and made use of as much space as possible to grow food was by creating different levels, much like steps, for their rice fields. This practice is called what? terracing
A blue stone called lapis lazuli, used on the Standard of Ur, came from far beyond the Zagros Mountains. This shows that the city-states of Sumer engaged in ___?____ trade
In modern times, the Nile River has built several _________ to help control flooding, generate hydroelectric power through the motion of the river, and help irrigate more farmland to grow more food. dams
The building material that was most available as a resource in this area was ____?_____ mud brick
The ancient civilization of China was greatly influenced by the religious ideas of what country? India
___________ is an example of architectural accomplishments that reflect religious beliefs. the Notre Dame Cathedral
Which two geographical features most likely provided fertile land that gave rise to multiple city-states in the Mesopotamia region? The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Farming led to other innovations because... farmers developed a surplus of food so other people could come up with new ideas rather than hunt and gather food
Created by: rbalduff