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Latin II Chapter 8

Latin II Chapter VIII vocabulary

Ars, Artis Science, Art, or Skill
Lingua, Linguae Language or Tongue
Plus, Pluris More
Antiquus, a, um Ancient
Latinus, a, um Latin
Maior, Maius Greater
Maximus, a, um Greatest
Melior, Melius Better
Minimus, a, um Small
Minor, Minus Smaller
Optimus, a, um Best
Peior, Peius Worst
Plurimus, a, um Most
Plures, Plura More
Dominor, Dominari, Dominatus sum To dominate
Hortor, Hortari, Hortatus sum To urge
Loquor, Loqui, Locutus sum To speak
Patior, Pati, Passus sum To endure, To tolerate, To suffer
Partior, Partiri, Partitus sum To divide, or To distribute
Sequor, Sequi, Secutus sum To follow
Vereor, Vereri, Veritus sum To fear
Adhuc Still
Latine In latin
Magis Greater
Minus Less
Created by: parker.fletcher