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D - Science - Ch 16

Is there life beyond earth?

What are the “Goldilocks” conditions? the conditions that allow life to exist
Is there life on Mars? scientists have not yet found evidence for life
What is life other than that on Earth called? extraterrestrial life
What are the three “Goldilocks conditions” on Earth that life as we know it must have to exist? liquid water, suitable temperature range & suitable atmosphere
Where has life been found on Earth that suggests life forms may not always need the “Goldilocks conditions”? deep in the ocean, in caves, inside solid rocks, and in hot springs
Why is Mars the most obvious place to look for living things like those on Earth? it is the planet with conditions that are most similar to those on Earth and it once had liquid water on its surface
Why do scientists hypothesize that Mars may once have had the conditions needed for life to exist? it has regions that were almost certainly formed by flowing water and life as we know it requires water to exist
A meteorite from Mars found in Antarctica in 1996 shows tiny shapes that look like what? fossils
Which spacecraft tested the soil of Mars for signs of life? laboratories on two Viking lander spacecraft
What suggests that there might be liquid water on Europa? close-up views from Galileo show that Europa’s ice has broken up and re-formed, which is similar to patterns that occur in the ice crust over Earth’s Arctic Ocean
If there is liquid water on Europa, what else might there be? life
What do scientists know so far about Mars? there are surface features that appear to have been formed by liquid water
What do scientists know so far about Europa? it has a smooth, ice crust with cracks
What do scientists hypothesis about Mars? it may once have had the conditions needed for life to exist
What do scientists hypothesis about Europa? there is a liquid ocean under it’s ice
What is a hypotheses? a prediction based on observations
Created by: lprinke