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2018 5th grade science review

This type of measurement will include some kind of number (quantity) quantitative
The type of measurement will include some kind of description (quality) qualitative
In an experiment, the scientist will make sure some things don't change. These are called: constants
In an experiment, the thing the scientist changes on purpose is called the: independent variable
In an experiment, the thing that changes or is measured is the: dependent variable
A sound wave with MANY waves (short wavelengths) has a high: frequency
A sound wave with a HIGH amplitude will have a high: volume
In order for sound to occur, something must: vibrate
Sound cannot occur in a place with NO matter. This is a: vacuum
Sound travels in a __________________ wave compression
Because of the way molecules are packed, sound travels fastest through: solids
Because of the way molecules are packed, sound travels slowest through: gases
Some animals like bats and dolphins use a type of sonar called: echolocation
Humans use _________ to bounce sound waves off the ocean floor sonar
Which color of visible light has the longest wavelength red
Which color of visible light has the shortest wavelength violet
A pencil in a glass of water looks broken because the light waves are being bent or : refracted
Mirrors are smooth and shiny so they __________ light reflect
A material, like a brick wall, that does not allow any light to pass through is opaque
A material, like wax paper, that allows some light through but not all is: translucent
A material, like glass, that allows all light through is: transparent
The nucleus of an atom contains: protons & neutrons
The proton has a _____________ charge positive
The electron has a _____________ charge negative
The ____________ has no charge (is neutral) neutron
A ___________ is the smallest bit of a compound that can exist molecule
A ____________ is two or more elements chemically bonded together to make an new substance compound
The compound NaCl is better known as salt
The compound H20 is better know as water
The compound CO2 is better known as carbon dioxide
Salad and trail mix are combinations without chemical bonds, so they are: mixtures
When something dissolves, a special mixture called a __________ is formed solution
Lemonade and saltwater are solutions because something has been: dissolved
To change a substance from one state to another you must ADD or TAKE AWAY: heat
All living things are made of: cells
The cells control center (brain) nucleus
The cells storage center: vacuole
The jelly-like substance inside the cell cytoplasm
The thin outer covering that lets certain things in and out of the cell (the bouncer) cell membrane
In a plant cell, the _________ is where photosynthesis take place chloroplast
In a plant cell, the _____ ____ provide support and protection cell wall
The simplest living organisms, the ________ , belong to Kingdon Monera bacteria
The single-celled organisms usually found in pond water belong to Kingdom: Protista
Mushrooms, mold, mildew, and yeast all belong to Kingdom: Fungi
Vertebrates are animals with a : backbone
___________ are animals, like insects and spiders, that do not have a backbone invertebrates
Plants that can grow up off the ground because they have tubes and ducts to transport water and nutrients are called _______ plants vascular
Plants like moss, kelp, and liverworts that do NOT have tubes and ducts are called ___________ plants nonvascular
___________ describes the saltiness of the ocean salinity
Most life in the ocean is found above the _________ _______ continental shelf
There is abundant life above the continental shelf because _____ reaches to the bottom sunlight
The steep drop-off from the shelf to the abyssal plain is called the: continental slope
The bump at the bottom of the continental slope is called the ____ ______. It is there because of underwater landslides. continental rise
The ______ _______ is the deep, flat part of the ocean floor abyssal plain
As you go deeper into the ocean, water _________ increases pressure
As you go deeper into ocean, light and water ___________ decreases temperature
The _______ ________ current is a warm water current that travels across the Atlantic Ocean. Gulf Stream
River-like movements of water in the ocean are called _______. They can be cold or warm depending on where they started. currents
The _____ ______ is the very slow process by which rocks are broken down and formed. rock cycle
Igneous rocks come from cooled ____________ magma
Granite, basalt, and pumice are all ___________ rocks igneous
Sedimentary rocks form in layers and might have a ____________ embedded in it. fossil
The ________ fossil are always on the bottom layer of rock oldest
Sandstone and limestone are both _____________ rocks sedimentary
Metamorphic rocks are formed by heat and ___________ pressure
Marble and slate are both _____________ rocks metamorphic
The innermost layer of the Earth is the: inner core
The inner core is made of _________ iron and nickel solid
The outer core is made of ___________ iron and nickel liquid
The ___________is just below the crust and is made up of melted (molten) rock mantle
The _________ is the thin, rocky outer layer of the Earth crust
A divergent boundary is a place where two of Earth's plates are moving : apart
A convergent boundary is a place where two of Earth's plates are moving: together
A transform boundary is where two of Earth's plates are _________ ______ each other sliding past
When rocks are broken down by water, wind, and gravity this is called: weathering
When smaller rocks are washed away and moved by water and wind, this is called: erosion
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123