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2018 4th grade science review

Something that you can notice with one of your senses. The ball is red, the pan is hot, the egg smells like sulfur. observation
A statement about something happening in the future. It will rain later today, he will pass the SOL test. prediction
An objects speed and direction describe the objects: motion
_______ is a force that opposes (works against) motion friction
Friction creates: heat
Moving objects have ________ energy kinetic
A __________ is a material that allows electricity to flow easily through it conductor
Most ___________ are conductors because they allow electricity to flow easily through them metals
A _________ is a material that does NOT allow electricity to flow easily through them. insulator
Wood, plastic, and rubber are examples of ____________ insulators
A complete circuit that allows electrical current to flow closed
An incomplete circuit that does NOT allow electrical current to flow open
A circuit that only has ONE pathway for electricity to flow series
A circuit that has two or more pathways for electricity to flow parallel
When two objects rub against each other, negatively charged electrons build up and cause _________ electricity static
Ben Franklin discovered that _____________ was a form of static electricity in the atmospher lightning
_____________ energy can be turned into heat, light, and kinetic energy electrical
Coiling (wrapping) a wire around a nail and running electrical current through the wire creates a(n): electromagnet
A magnet has a __________ _________ that is strongest at the poles and weakest in the middle of the magnet magnetic field
Opposite poles of a magnet will _______ each other attract
Similar (like) poles of a magnet ______ each other repel
This man worked with electromagnets and made the first electric motor Faraday
Where does the plant make its food leaves
What part of the plant anchors it to the ground roots
What part of the plant is for reproduction flower
On some plants, the flower turns into a fruit
The male part of the flower that produces the pollen stamen
The female part of the flower pistil
The green leaflets that protect the flower before it opens sepals
The __________ will grow into a seed after it is fertilized embryo
Ferns, mosses, and fungi don't make seeds, they make: spores
During photosynthesis, plants need ________ _______ from the atmosphere carbon dioxide
During photosynthesis, plants release ___________ into the atmosphere oxygen
During photosynthesis, plants create ________ for the plant to use sugar
In the fall, when plants drop their leaves they enter a period of rest called: dormancy
Birds flying south for the winter and a porcupine curling into a ball are examples of a _____________ adaptation behavioral
A ducks webbed feet and a penguins high body fat are __________ adaptations structural
All of the deer in an area would be an example of a: population
All of the living things in an area would be an example of a: community
All of the living and non-living things in an area would be an example of an: ecosystem
A food chain always starts with a plant which is a : producer
A food chain always has a predator at the top which is a: consumer
A food chain always ends with a fungus or some other: decomposer
A __________ is where an organism lives and gets its food, shelter, and space habitat
An organisms ____________ is where it is most comfortable. It is where an organism lives, what it eats, and what eats it niche
A ____________ is a weather instrument that measures air pressure barometer
A ___________ is a weather instrument that measures wind speed anemometer
A ______ ______ is a weather instrument that measures precipitation rain gauge
A __________ is a weather instrument that measures temperature thermometer
High-thin wispy clouds cirrus
Puffy white (cotton ball) clouds cumulus
Thick grey blanket clouds stratus
Storm clouds cumulonimbus
A __________ is a strong circular storm that starts over warm ocean water hurricane
To spin on its axis rotation
To make one trip around something revolution
The Earth ____________ around the sun revolves
The Earth ___________ on its axis rotates
The tilt of the Earth on its axis causes the : seasons
As we see more and more of the moon, we say it is: waxing
As we see less and less of the moon, we say it is: waning
The moon goes through all of its phases about once a: month
The diameter of the __________ is about 110 times the diameter of the Earth Sun
The diameter of the ___________ is about 1/4 the diameter of the Earth moon
The Sun is a medium sized _________ star yellow
Copernicus and ______________ correctly believed that the Sun was the center of the solar system Galileo
Ptolemy and ____________ incorrectly believed that the Earth was the center of the solar system Aristotle
All of the land drained by a river is called the watershed
HOT TOMATOES ON MY GRILL is a way to remember our watershed address. H stands for Holston
Lumber and ___________ are important natural resources in Virginia coal
Created by: lit123



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