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North America Review

Social Studies 7 - North Hills Junior High

Movement of people into a city. Urbanization
Not including Hawaii and Alaska, the United States has this many time zones. Four
Each time zone differs by _____ hour(s). One
As one moves _____, a person "gains" an hour per time zone. West
As one moves ______, a person "loses" an hour per time zone. East
Lowest point in North America. Death Valley
Highest point in North America - Mt. _________. McKinley
North America has extremely diverse _________. climates
In 1776, the United States declared independence from Great ________. Britain
Because of immigration, the U.S. has impacted by many _____________ around the world. cultures
Until 1980, the US has _____________ more than it had imported. exported
Since 1980, the US ___________ more than it exports. imports
Illegal ___________ is an issue in the United States. immigration
What nation has the longest life expectancy in the United States? Canada
Canadians commonly speak _________ or English. French
Other than hockey, what is the national sport of Canada? curling
What does Canada export more of than any other nation in the world? raw materials
What Canadian province includes mostly French-Canadians? Quebec
Many people in Quebec want to break away from _______. Canada
The Canadian - US Border is the world's longest ____________ border. unfortified
From whom did the nation of Mexico gain its independence? Spain
What is the common language spoken in Mexico? Spanish
What nation has the largest oil reserve in the Western hemisphere? Mexico
What trading agreement allows the US, Mexico, and Canada to trade without paying additional import taxes? NAFTA
What city is known as the "Dirtiest City in the World"? Mexico City
Name the town that is an example of border violence and drug trading in Mexico. Ciudad Juarez
Created by: nhsdwelch