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Bio CH 18 Drugs


Antacid a drug that changes acid into water and salt
Antihistamine a drug that reduces swelling of tissues by stopping the leaking of blood plasma from capillaries
Caffeine a stimulant found in coffee and tea, cocoa, chocolate, and some soft drinks
Cocaine a controlled drug used its stimulant effects
Controlled drug they are controlled by the law
Dependence needing a certain drug in order to carry out normal daily activities
Depressants a drug that slows down messages in nervous system
Dosage how much and how often to take a drug
Drug a chemical that changes the way a living thing functions when it is taken into the body
Drug abuse incorrect or improper use of a drug
Ethyl alcohol a drug formed from sugars by yeast that is found in all alcoholic drinks
Inhalant drug breathed in through the lungs in order a cause a behavior change
Nicotine a stimulant found in tobacco
Overdose result of too much of a drug in body
Over the counter drug one that you can buy legally without a prescription
Prescription drug one that a doc must tell you to take
Psychedelic drug one that alters they way the mind works and changes the signals we receive from our sense organs
Side effect a change other than expected change caused by drug
Stimulant a drug that speeds up body activities that are controlled by nervous system
Symptom changes that occur in body as results of disease
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