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Chapter 17

what is environmental engineering?
High school students should take the highest level courses possible in ____ in order to be accepted into an environmental engineering program.
what level of education is required to become an environmental engineer?
true or false? environmental technicians work independently of environmental engineers.
discuss the role of ethics in environmental engineering.
study of materials, properties, interactions, and changes.
includes chemistry, astronomy, physics, and geology.
combines physical science and biology.
study of living organisms.
study of earth, evolution, and physical properties.
____ are two or more atoms chemically bonded together.
water can be broken down into oxygen and hydrogen through a process called ____.
true or false? a substance with a pH of 2 is more basic than a substance with pH of 6.
____ is the study of the water cycle.
____ is the measure of open space in materials such as rock.
what is the formula for measuring porosity?
what kind of test is used to evaluate soil permeability for septic systems?
using microbes to clean up contaminants is called ____.
____ is a method of filtering air and water using microscopic organisms to remove contaminants.
Created by: Abby Lopez