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Chapter 16 Bioengineering

agricultural engineering branch of biological engineering focused on crop and livestock production
artificial selection intentional selection of specific traits from animals or plants to make more prominent through breeding
bioengineering field that uses biological organisms and tools to help humans and other species live
biotechnology use of tools and resources to manipulate or model living organisms to meet human needs and wants
cell biology study of cell structures
combustion chemical reaction between an oxidant and fuel that releases energy in the form of heat and light
composting biochemical conversion process that involves creating piles of biomass and allowing the natural organisms to break down the biological composition of the material
DNA fingerprinting method used by forensic scientists to identify humans by their genetic makeup
fermentation biochemical conversion process that uses microorganisms to decompose a biomass material to create the liquid fuel alcohol
gene heredity unit of living organisms that contains info. about the traits from parents and gives instruction to the rest of the cell
genetics field of study focused on the ways in which genes are used inside the cell structure
homeostasis ability of an organism to regulate itself in order to maintain a constant state
natural selection ability of living organisms to adapt to their environment through the natural change of characteristics
thermochemical conversion bioconversion process that uses heat to create a chemical change
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