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Japanese level 2

I watashi
You anata
he kare
English eigo
japanese nihon-go nihon-jin
korean kan-koku -go kan-koku-jin
Chinese Chu-goku-go chugoku-jin
Taiwanese taiwan-go tawai-jin
French furansu-go furansu-jin
student gaksei
teacher sensei
singer kashu
What is ? nandeska
What is your name Onamae-wa nandeska?
My name is Victor Watashino namae-wa Victor-des
Nice to meet you (first time) Haji memaste
Lawyer Bengoshi
Farmer Noka
Housewife shiufu
job shoku-gyo
Is Tomo Japanese? Tomo-wa nihonjin deska?
Doctor Isha (family) Ishi (formal)
company employee kaishain
she kanojo
giraffe kirin
chestnut kuri
gloves tebukuro
pond ike
deer shka
scisors hasami
owl fukuro
snowman yukidaruma
snake hebi
crocodile wani
squire risu
eventail sensu
fridge rezoko
candle rosoku
crab kani
bridge hashi
cloud kumo
window mado
rainbow niji
wind kaze
soap seken
magazine zashi
snow yuki
toy daruma
I am a student watashi-wa gaksei des
are you a teacher? anata-wa sensei deska?
I am not Korean watashi-wa kan-kokujin dewa arimasen
delicious oishi or umai (guys to use)
really hontoni
I am hungry onaka ga skimashta
I am thirsty nodo ga kawaskimashta nodo ga kawaita