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beach boys

Year, city, state Hawthorne, California 1961
Original name Pendletones
Name 7 members Brian, Carl, Dennis, Al Jardine, Dave Marks, Mike Love, Bruce Johnston
Who was Murray, role to group Abusive father of Brian, Dennis and Carl. Business manager for the group and pushed his way in as producer but was fired as both
Name of company Brian and his father owned Sea of Tunes
What happened to the company and how much was it worth Murray sold it, worth $700,000
How much $, studio, hours of tape $50-75,000, 4 studios, 90 hours
Album after Pet Sounds, why was it never released Smile, project Brian was working on but rest of the group felt there was no commercial appeal and would not sell
Pet Sounds influence and group that wanted to make better album Brian was very experimental and tried things that had never been done showing what you could do in a recording studio, the Beatles
Who was the Wizard, known for, Beach Boy Charles Manson, leader of a group known as his "family" and convicted under the "joint-responsibility" rule. Affected Dennis Wilson but failed to make him quit the Beach boys and join his "family"
How many records released 16 albums
Van Dyke Parks, influence Poet, provided lyrics for Brian's Smile session, had a fight with Mike Love about the meaning of his lyrics and confessed he had no idea
3 sentences interesting about Brian Wilson
Created by: mytutorfriend
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