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SouthEast Asia

information is for the test on friday in PreAP World Geography

Australia was first inhabited 42,000-48,000 years ago. True or false True
Australian Settlers years ago first came from _________ possibly over ____________ or __________. South East Asia; Land bridges and Small Waterways
Australia was found in ______ by the ________. 1606; Dutch
Australia became a ____________ in _____. British Penal Colony (prison) ; 1788
true or false Diseases killed a large portion of Aboriginals true
When did Australia gain its independence? January 1, 1901
What does the year 1986 mean for Australia? 1986 is the year that Australia cut government ties with the U.K.
NAME THIS EVENT THAT HAPPENED IN AUSTRALIA: -Removal of Aboriginal children from their families by government & missionaries -some people believed it was genocide Stolen Generation
What Act in Australia gave Aboriginal people the right to claim land in Northern Territory? Land Rights Act of 1976
The Australian Government formally apologized for the Stolen Generation in what year? 2008
What country has the 13th largest military expenditure? Australia
What country has the largest economy? Australia
true or false Australia is a developing country. False, Australia is Highly developed
What country has the 5th highest per capita income? Australia
What country is larger than the country of France? (lesson 1 chapter 31) Myanmar
what country is almost as large as the entire United Kingdom? (lesson 1 chapter 31) Laos
What percent of volcanoes are in the Ring of Fire? 75%
What country has the largest concentration of active volcanoes in the world? Indonesia
What landform serves as a natural border for many countries/islands? Mountains
What is SouthEast Asia's most dominant waterway? Pacific Ocean
What are the 5 major rivers on the mainland? Mekong(Danube of South East Asia), Red River, Irrawaddy, Salween, Chao Phraya.
What river is the longest river in South East Asia and the 7th longest in Asia? The Mekong river flow through the countries of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam
What country did the Dutch colonize? Indonesia
What country did Portugal colonize? East Timor
What country/countries did the British colonize? Burma(now Myanmar), Malaysia, and several islands of the South China Sea.
Spain colonized what country? Phillippines
Where is South East Asia's population center? Java (an island in Indonesia)
What country is the 4th most populous country in the world? Indonesia
The greatest ethnic diversities are found in the ______? Island countries
The Maori's where what kind of people? And what country where they from? Polynesian; New Zealand
In the 1870's the British settled in what country? New Zealand
What percent of the population in New Zealand is Maori? 10%
What percentage of New Zealand's population live on the North Island? 75%
New Zealand and Australia share what kind of government? Constitutional Monarchies with Parliamentary systems
What has the largest pre-industrialized civilization? Angkor- seat of Khmer Empire in Cambodia
Most famous and best preserved temple in Angkor (First Hindu, now Buddhist)???????? Angkor Wat
Why is the date of November 9, 1953 important to Cambodia? This is the date that Cambodia gained independence from France
What is the religion in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia? Buddhism
Who was the leader of the Khmer Rouge? Pol Pot
What did Pol Pot issue in the Khmer Rouge? No families, no education, no religion
1/5-1/3 of cambodians died from what? overworking, starvation, execution
Agriculture has a growing economy of______???? Agriculture, Tourism, Textiles, oil found and drilling that began in 2013
Indonesia has the most active _______ region in the world? Volcanic region in the world
Who explored Indonesia & for what reason? The Europeans explored Indonesia for spices
What colony set up the spice trade? The DUTCH colony set up the spice trade
What year did Indonesia gain independence from the Dutch? Indonesia gained Independence from the Dutch in 1949
What type of government was Indonesia until the year of 2004 where they became Republic? Military based government
What country has the largest Muslim population in the world? Indonesia
What countries are part of the Economic Tiger Cub? Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
East Timor has the languages of_________? Portuguese and Tetum
What country is 97% Roman Catholic? East Timor
What country has a literacy rate of 58.6% East Timor
East Timor has an Economy of _______? Subsistence Agriculture
East Timor had a _______ colony for 450 years? Portuguese
East Timor gained independence in the year of _____?? 1975
Indonesia's military took over what country in 1976?? East Timor
What country is 89% Buddhist?? Myanmar
68% of Myanmar's ethnic group is ________ and speak __________?? Burman: Burmese
1947: "Father of Modern Burma" General Aung San
What did General Aung San achieve? -Fought for Independence from British -Started Burma's Communist Party
What country used to have the name of Burma? Myanmar
Who was Myanmar's leader from 1992-2011 Than Shwe
Who was held under house arrest for 15 of the 24 years and most citizens love her and praise her and think of her as an angel in Myanmar and elected into Parliament in the year of 2012? Aung San Suu Kyi
What kind of economy does Vietnam have? Free Market Economy
What country is the 2nd largest exporter of Opium? Myanmar
Who is the current president in Myanmar? Htin Kyaw
Vietnam has the highest minority of _______? Chinese
77% of Singapore's population was _______? Chinese
__________ founded in 1966 to promote regional economic development? provides international loans to aid economy. Support agricultural, transpiration, and industrial development projects. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) formed in 1967 to promote regional stability. formed by the countries of Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
What country became the first country in the world to legally recognize women's right to vote, including Maori women in 1893? New Zealand
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