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chapter 12

what is computer engineering?
A(n) ____ gate provides an output of 1 if either or both inputs are 1.
A(n) ____ gate provides an output of 1 if both inputs are 0. If the inputs are both 1, the output is 0.
A(n) ____ gate provides an output of 1 only if both inputs are 1.
A(n) ____ gate provides an output of one if the inputs are both 0 or both 1, but not if one is 0 and one is 1.
many computer programs are designed using ____, which step-by-step procedures for solving problems or completing tasks.
____ are the heart of any PC and are located on the motherboard.
which type of memory stores frequently used data for quick access?
which type of memory is programmed at the factory?
which type of memory is used to temporarily store data on which the computer is still working?
what type of sport is typically used with flash drives?
what is the difference between decimal numbers and binary numbers?
computer science, behavioral science, ergonomics, and design all merge in the study of ____.
the process in which machine tools are driven by computer rather than by manual device is ____.
____ are the combination of many semiconductors and other components manufactured into the surface of semiconductor material.
____ is the science and psychology of touch, providing feedback to users through the sense of touch.
Created by: Abby Lopez