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poetry review 3 /4


synonym words that mean the same
stanza group of lines that make a poetry paragraph
antonym words that mean the opposite
cat sat which words rhyme? cat car pan sat call
narrative poem tells a story with a problem and a character
free verse poem does not follow any rhyme pattern
soft, yellow, hissing sound which of these words help the reader imagine? cat, soft, yellow, water, hissing sound
What is the message of a poem? What the reader learns about life .
What is dialogue? It is when some one speaks and has " " quotation marks around their words.
ABCB rhyme pattern of this< man sea, ocean, we
4 first person speaker (1st person) 4uses "I" , "me", ....speaker in IN the poem's story or message
4 third person speaker ( 3rd person) 4the speaker is not in the poem. The speaker is an outside narrator
4 metaphor 4compare 2 things NOT using like or as ex-My room is a hog pen by the end of the day.
4 simile 4compare 2 things using "like" or "as" ex- This day is as long as a trip around the moon and back. ex- My room is like a pig pen at the end of the day.
4 personification 4when a poet gives human traits to something that is not alive. ex-The old house let out a sigh at the end of a long, hot day.
4 mood 4the feeling of the poem (gloomy, humorous, joyful, tense)
4 onomatopoeia 4sound words( pop, buzz, bang, crack)
4 alliteration 4most words that are near each other start with the same sound. ex- She sells seashells by the seashore
4 repetion 4the repeating of words, or lines (poets do this to EMPHASIZE that it is important
lyrical poem not narrative (doesn't tell a story) maybe just describes something
Created by: kslrichardson
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