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4th grade electricity and magnetism

An _______ _______is the continuous flow of negative charges (electrons). Electric current
The pathway taken by an electric current. Circuit
A complete circuit where everything is connected. Electricity can easily flow through it. closed circuit
An incomplete circuit, where there is some part of the circuit that is NOT CONNECTED. Electricity CANNOT flow through it. open circuit
A material that does NOT conduct electricity well. Examples include rubber, plastic, and wood. insulator
A material that DOES conduct electricity well. Examples include metals. Conductor
In a _______ circuit, there is only one pathway for the current to flow. Series
In a_________ circuit there are two or more pathways for current to flow. We use these circuits for almost everything because we want to be able to turn some things on and some things off at the same time. parallel
Rubbing certain materials together creates ______ __________. When they are rubbed together the negative electrons move to one object, so that object gets a negative charge static electricity
A discharge of static electricity in the atmosphere. It occurs because the atmosphere is negative and the ground is positive so they are attracted to one another. lightning
A ________is anything that pulls iron or steel towards it. Certain iron-bearing metals attract other such metals (also nickel and cobalt). magnet
A_______ _____ is an invisible force field around every magnet. Lines of force extend from the poles of a magnet in an arched pattern magnetic field
The lines of force in a magnetic field are _________ at the poles or ends of the magnet. strongest
The lines of force in a magnetic field are _________ at the middle of the magnet. weakest
An __________ is a magnet that is created by a current flowing through a wire which creates a magnetic field. electromagnet
____ _________ conducted research to prove that lightning was really an electrical spark (static electricity) Ben Franklin
_______ ________ discovered the magnetic field lines of force, electromagnets, and created the first generator Michael Faraday
______ ________ invented the light bulb. Thomas Edison
Opposite ends of a magnet attract
Like ends of a magnet repel
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