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Science for Teas

A normal human sperm must contain 23 Chromosomes
During the process of oogenesis, primary oocytes produce Eggs
In an oxidation reaction, what occurs An oxidizing agent gains electrons
Where does the digestion of starch begin In the mouth
A neuron consists of 3 parts, what are they Dendrites, axon, cell body
What blood component is involved in blood clotting Platelets
A young woman fell and suffered a scaphoid fracture, where is the scaphoid located Wrist
What valve allows oxygenated blood to flow from the left ventricle to the rest of the body Aortic
What is considered an extensive property Weight
In the human skeleton, list some of the vertebrae in descending order Thoracic, lumbar, sacral, coccyx
How does water affect the temperature of a living thing Water keeps temperature stable
In which human body system do the white blood cells function Lymphatic
What kind of bond connects sugar and phosphate in DNA Covalent
What is correct about the hormones that stimulate male and female organs to produce male and female sex hormones The same hormones stimulate both male and female organs to produce sex hormones
Which class of hormones is most likely to be released after a serious injury Endorphins
What describes the enlargement of an organ or tissue Hypertrophy
The triceps reflex Forces contraction of the triceps and extension of the arm
Which structure of the nervous system carries action potential in the direction of a synapse Axon
Which organ system is most responsible for maintaining control of the body temperature The integumentary system
What is the function of an adipocyte Fat storage
A person has red hair and is 6ft tall. Are these characteristics part of his genotype or phenotype Phenotype
Give a list that illustrates the idea of increasing levels of complexity Organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems
Which type of nutrient is made up of amino acids Proteins
Where is the scapula in relation to the olecranon Superior (the scapula/shoulder blade is above the olecranon/elbow)
When animals eat, insulin is released from the pancreas, stimulating glucose uptake by the liver. When glucose levels drop, the pancreas reduces insulin release. This is an example of which mechanism for maintaining homeostasis Negative feedback
What is surgically altered during a vasectomy Vas Deferens
What effect does a catalyst have on a chemical reaction It speeds up the reaction
Where is the abdominopelvic cavity in relationship to the thoracic cavity Inferior
Which organ system removes substances from the blood, combats disease, and maintains tissue balance Lymphatic
Organelle Specialized structures within a cell
What anatomical term refers to the knee Patella
Homeostasis is defined as Tendency of the body to maintain a stable environment
A patient lying flat on their back is in what position Supine (anatomical position where a person is laying on their back)
A result of bone marrow failure Pancytopenia
Where would a nonpregnant patient with normal anatomy most commonly have pain in acute appendicitis Right lower quadrant
The effects of a new drug are tested on a group of patients. What does this describe An experiment
Where is the gastrocnemius vein in relation to the femoral vein Distal (gastrocnemius vein is in the calf, femoral vein is in the thigh/pelvis)
How many layers of tissue does the uterus have 3 (endometrium, myometrium, serosa/perimetrium)
Incompetent valves can cause Vericose veins
What is the process called in which a substance changes from a gas to a liquid Condensation
What type of cells make up the myelin sheath Glial cells
What is the first step in a scientific investigation Formation of hypothesis
Hair, Nails, Skin, Iris. What doesn't contain melanin Nails
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