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Nilfisk Glossary

Glossary of company and industry terms and definitions

8D Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) is a method used to approach and to resolve problems, typically employed by quality engineers or other professionals. Its purpose is to identify, correct and eliminate recurring problems, and it is useful in product and process improvements. It establishes a permanent corrective action based on statistical analysis of the problem and focuses on the origin of the problem by determining its root causes.
AFB Air Force Base.
AGM Absorbant glass mat.
Ah Amp hour.
APR Area of Primary Responsibility.
BBY Our site in Broendby, Denmark. You may also see the abbreviation KMV for Kornmarksvej.This is the location of the headquarters in Broendby, opened in April, 2016.
BeNeFrance Sales region within EMEA including Belgium, Netherlands and France.
BHS Battery High Speed (Burnisher).
BI Business Intelligence; this normally refers to our reporting and analytics systems.
BOOST Battery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technology.
BOOSTER Stationary High Pressure Washer.
BR Battery Ride-on (Scrubber/Dryers).
BRM Business Relations Manager. A role in Group IT with a strong coordinating role to the business units.
BRX Battery Ride-on Extractor (Carpet extractor).
BUDDY Consumer vacuum cleaner (small).
Burnisher A machine used to shine floors.
CA Cable (Scrubber/Dryers).
CARB California Air Resource Board.
Carpet extractor A machine that removes deep, embedded soils in carpets.
CC Customer care.
CCS Customer Complaint System.
CDP Carbon Disclosure Project. This is a global climate change reporting system, where companies can disclose their greenhouse gas emissions through CDP. The climate data is made available to the public on CDP website.
CDS Customer Documentation System.
CEO A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking corporate function in charge of the total company and reporting to the board of directors.
Cfm cubic feet per minute.
CFM Former brand in the Nilfisk family, The company CFM was acquired in 2000 for manufacturing and selling industrial vacuum solutions. Today, this equipment is Nilfisk branded.
CFO A Chief Financial Officer is in charge of the financial side of the total company and reports to the CEO.
CIO Chief Information Officer.
Clarke Regional brand in the Americas.
CleanMaster CleanMaster is a regional brand. Please note: CleanMaster is spelled with a capital C and M.
CoE Center of Excellence.
Combination machines Sweep/wash/dry.
ComEx Commercial Excellence. From 2017 onwards, referred to as SalesExcellence.
COO A Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of the corporation.
COP Communication on Progress Report is an annual report that states how we are progressing on the targets we set in working with sustainability. Also referred to a our CSR Report.
CR Clean Room (Industrial vacuum cleaners).
CR Combination machine Ride-on.
CR Corporate responsibility. At Nilfisk we refer to our corporate responsibility as our Sustainability approach. Also referred to as CSR.
CRI Carpet and Rug Institute
CRI SOA Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval.
CRM Customer Relation Management; can be used both as the concept of maintaining (and improving) our relations with our customers; and to refernce systems used to manage these relations (e.g.
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility.
CVS Centralized industrial vacuum system.
dBa A-weighted decibels, a means in which to measure sound.
Den-Sin Den-Sin is a regional brand.
DGN Our site in Dongguan, China.
Dnet Dealer net pricing.
DSR Dealer Sale Rep.
DTE DTE is a local brand.
DTRT Do the right thing.
DUO Dual speed (Single Disc).
EAPC European/Asian Product Company.
EBIT Financial term. EBIT is a company's Earnings Before the deduction of Interest and Tax. Interest and taxes vary from country to country. Therefore, this figure is used to compare earnings in an international perspective. It is a financial indicator used widely as a measure of efficiency and profitability.
EBITA Financial term. EBITA is a company's Earnings Before the deduction of Interest, Tax and Amortization. Interest, tax and amortization vary from country to country. Hence, this figure is used to be able to compare earnings in an international perspective. It is a financial indicator used widely as a measure of efficiency and profitability.
EBITDA Financial term. EBITDA is a company?s Earnings Before the deduction of Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization.
ECN Engineering Change Notice.
ECO Solution Reduced water consumption.
EDC European Distribution Center in Broendby, Denmark.
EDS ECO Dosage Solution (reduced water and detergent consumption).
Email We write ?email? without using a hyphen.
EMEA Europe, Middle East and Africa.
ESEE East & South East Europe: group of countries comprising Italy, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.
ESEE/RU Marketing hub comprising the East & South East Europe countries and Russia.
ESI Early Supplier Involvement.
Euroclean Euroclean is a regional brand.
EVP Executive Vice President.
EVS Environmental Services.
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.
FC Floorcare.
FFG Fault Finding Guide.
Fisker & Nielsen The original company name from 1906. The company was founded by Mr. P.A. Fisker who soon became partners with Mr. H. M. Nielsen. Nielsen left the company after a few years, but the name remained. Nilfisk was originally the telegram address for Fisker & Nielsen and was created as a combination of the two names.
FLOORTEC Sweeper range.
FM Floor Machine.
FP&A Financial Planning & Analysis, department in Finance.
FQC Finished Product Quality Control.
GAS Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
GB Three phase motor (Industrial vacuum cleaners).
GD General dry (Commercial vacuum cleaners).
Gerni Gerni is a local brand.
GFR&C Group Financial Reporting and Control, department in Finance.
GM General Manager.
GM Single phase motor 1100-1200W (Industrial vacuum cleaners).
GNAM Government National Account Manager
GO Global Operations.
GO PMO Global Operations Project Management Office.
GPC Global Production Company.
GPM Global Production Management.
GPO Group Purchasing Organization
GS Single phase motor 800W (Industrial vacuum cleaners).
GSPM Global Supplier Performance Management.
GSQE Global Supplier Quality Engineering; function within Quality, now moved from Global Quality to Global Procurement.
GU General upright (Commercial vacuum cleaners).
GUA Our site in Guardamiglio, Italy.
GWD General wet or dry (Commercial vacuum cleaners).
HDS Our site in Hadsund, Denmark.
HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air.
HPV High power Industrial vacuum Range of Nilfisk-CFM for the high performance suction applications in the heavy duty industry, cement, foundry, steel industry etc. ? former brand SPIROVAC.
HPW High pressure washer.
HR Human Resources; organizational name replacing the previous P&P (2016), short for People & Performance.
HSC Hard surface cleaner (Restoration machine).
HSD High Speed Single Disc.
HUN Hungary factories.
HWE Hot water extraction.
HydraMaster HydraMaster is a regional brand. HydraMaster is spelled with capital H and M.
ICE Industrial Cleaning Equipment.
ICS Internal Customer Service.
ID Industrial dry (Industrial vacuum cleaners).
IMEA The new (November, 2017) IMEA region will consists of four main entities, which are our sales companies in Spain, Portugal, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE/Dubai). The region also takes responsibility for all export to the Middle East and Africa.
IoT Internet of Things.
IPQC In-Process Quality Control, Think of IPQC as a measure of assembly process variation. Can a machine go through the assembly process per the standard work and controls, pass an EOL test without an assembler having to complete a step missed in prior station, a unplanned adjustment having to be made, a repair having to be made.
IQC Incoming Quality Control, Incoming part quality based on non-conforming parts found during incoming inspection or during the assembly process.
ISSA International Sanitary Supply Association.
I-Vac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner.
IVB Industrial vacuum cleaner bypass motor.
IVS Industrial Vacuum Solutions; part of the speciality organization.
IVT Industrial vacuum cleaner through throw motor.
IW Industrial wet (Industrial vacuum cleaners with the ability to vacuum up wet debris).
KPI Key performance indicator. A performance indicator or key performance indicator is a type of performance measurement. At Nilfisk, we use KPIs to evaluate our successes and achievements in specific projects and initiatives across the organization.
LEED Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.
LIM Line Isolation Monitor (see also LIMS).
LIMS Line Isolation Monitor System. An isolation power system provides an ungrounded electrical service for various applications within a hospital or a medical office building. These isolation power systems remain in operation in the event of a single line-to-ground fault situation. A Line Isolation Monitor will monitor the impedance of hot and neutral leads of devices. It can often be found in operating rooms & patient environments in hospitals.
LP or LPG Liquid Propane, Liquid Propane Gas.
M&A Mergers and acquisitions.
MAP Minimum Advertised Price.
MPM Market Product Management. The front-end of the Product Management function in the new structure of 2017.
MSDS/SDS Material Safety Data Sheets/Safety Data Sheets.
MTD Month To Date. The period beginning the 1st of the current month up until today's date.
MV Multi Vehicle (Road Sweeper).
MWB Must Win Battle.
MX Mobile extractors (Carpet extractor).
NAG Our site in Nagykanizsa, Hungary.
NAM National Account Manager.
NAS Naval Air Station.
NAV Navision; ERP system used in the APAC-region.
NCTR New component technology review.
Neptune High pressure washer using hot water.
NFSI National Floor Safety Institute.
NGY Another acronym for our site in Nagykanizsa, Hungary.
Nilfisk Brand Our corporate brand. Please note the correct ways of spelling Nilfisk: Nilfisk, Nilfisk A/S, Nilfisk Inc., The Nilfisk Group
Nilfisk World The global intranet of Nilfisk.
Nilfisk Our company name and the name of the Nilfisk product brand, the largest and key global brand in the Nilfisk group. It is also the name of the very first vacuum cleaner machine built by this company in 1910, and later on became the company name for several decades. The name was originally the telegram address for Fisker & Nielsen ? and was made by combining the two surnames.
Nilfisk-ALTO Former brand in Nilfisk. ALTO became a brand in 1998 by merging 10 global brands within the cleaning industry. The name was chosen to symbolize high quality (ALTO means high in Spanish and Italian). ALTO was acquired by Nilfisk in 2004, and products were later branded Nilfisk-ALTO. Effective January, 2016, Nilfisk-ALTO terminated as a brand and became Nilfisk.
Nilfisk-CFM Former brand of our industrial vacuum cleaners and solutions. These solutions are now branded Nilfisk.
NPI New Product Industrialization.
NPP Nilfisk Performance Process.
NPS Net Promoter Score.
OBC On board charger
OOB Out of Box.
OpEx Operational Excellence.
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
OZ Ozone generator (Restoration machine).
PA Performance Appraisal.
PBU Propane Burnisher.
PCB Printed circuit board.
PEU Prioritized End User.
Plataforma Plataforma is a local brand.
PM Product Management.
PMO Project Management Office.
PO Purchase order.
POD Proof of Delivery.
PPM Portfolio Product Management. ?Back-end? of Product Management function in the new structure in 2017.
PSI Pounds per square inch.
PSM Product, Solutions & Marketing; new organizational structure, putting together previous units R&D and Product Management, and Marketing.
QAT Quality Action Team, a working group focused on resolving quality issues.
QB Quality Board, The group governing the quality action team?s performance.
QMS The web based Quality Management System is the data warehouse utilized by the quality action teams, using the 8 discipline process for problem solving.
QUE Our site in Quer‚taro, Mexico.
R&D Research and Development.
RFQ Request for quotation.
Rottest Rottest is a local brand.
RS Road sweeper.
S4B Skype for Business; formerly known as Microsoft Lync, a tool for communication.
SA Sales Academy.
SAP IT software: System Application and Program Development.
SC Sales Company.
Scrubber/Dryer A machine capable of both scrubbing and drying.
SD SalesDriver, a CRM system.
SD Single Disc.
SDM Single Disc Medium (Burnisher).
SEA South East Asia Region.
SFDC, one of the world?s leading CRM systems.
SG Service Guide.
SPP Surface Prep Pad.
SPR Our site in Springdale, USA. Sometimes also referred to as SPD.
SR Sweeper Ride-on (Sweepers).
Sustainability Our sustainability approach is about conducting our business in a sustainable way. Sustainability is synonymous with: long term, viable, balanced and endurable.
SUZ Our site in Suzhou, China. Suzhou factory.
SVMX ServiceMax is a dedicated Field Service management system, which integrates directly with
SW Sweeper Walk behind (Sweepers).
SZI Our site in Sziget, Hungary. The Sziget factory.
T&E Travel and Entertainment.
TCO Total cost of ownership.
TE Technical Exercises.
TFC400 Touch Free Cleaning 400 PSI.
TFR Technical Failure Report.
TM Technical Memorandum.
TSB Technical Service Bulletin.
TVO Total value of ownership.
TW Teppich Waschmaschine (German for Carpet Cleaner).
U.S. Products U.S. Products is a regional brand.
UHB Ultra High Speed (Burnisher).
UHR Ultra high speed Ride-on (Burnisher).
UNGC United Nations Global Compact - This is a globally recognized policy framework. It is based on United Nations well known and universally accepted 10 principles of Human rights, Labor, the Environment and Anti-corruption. Nilfisk has been a signee since 2009.
USDC United States Distribution Center.
VA Veteran's Administration.
VAC/Vac Vacuum Cleaner.
VCT Vinyl composition tile.
Viper Viper is a global brand. It is always spelled with a capital V.
Wap Wap is a local brand.
WB Walk Behind.
White Range Industrial vacuum solutions for the food and pharmaceutical ambient and applications. They are so-called because they are painted white, while the others machines in the IVS range are grey.
YTD Year To Date. The period beginning January 1 of the current year up until today's date.
Created by: nilfisku
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