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Chapter 7

Aesthetics Quality of being visually appealing.
Assumption Idea that is believed to be true and used in engineering design.
Computational Fluid Dynamics Type of software that focuses on the use of fluids in relationship to the flight of airplanes.
Computer Modeling Type of modeling that uses computer software to create useful models for engineers.
Engineering Economics All financial considerations and decisions made during the production of a new design.
Final Project Report Summary of the design process for a specific project.
Formula Series of mathematical symbols that represents a rule or relationship between concepts.
Function Criteria tested on a design to determine wether it works properly.
Geospatial Modeling Software Civil engineering software that uses spatial and analytical methods integrated with information about the earth's surface and data about people to create models.
Mathematical Model Type of model used to find solutions to problems using mathematical prediction.
Mock-Up Physical model used to show the design of an object.
Oral Presentation Spoken delivery of a report to an audience.
Predictive Analysis Tool using many different factors, including statistics and theoretical models, to predict future events.
Reverse Engineering Method of determining the properties or function of a device by taking it apart and looking at its operation structure.
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