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Stack #27863

Mr. Olson 6th Grade Science Chapter 3E

When the ocean level rises and dalls each day, it is called _______? tides
What is the distance the wind blows over open water called? fetch
What are the extreme tides called that occur twice a month? spring tides
If the ocean is moving up and down, it is called ______. waves
The Earth's rotation causes curving motion of winds. We call this ________. Coriolis affect
Deep water rising to the ocean surface is called ________. upwelling
Less extreme tides that occur twice each month are called _______. neap tides
What are winds called that move from west to east over the ocean? westerlies
What winds move towards the equator going east to west? trade winds
________ are great rivers of water that move through the ocean. currents
______ is the distance between two successive waves. wave length
If a crest falls forward and breaks into foam, it is called _______. breaker
The wave's _______ is the time it takes for two successive wave crests to pass the same point. period
A wave's top is called what? crest
The distance from the crest of a wave to the level ocean surface is called _______. wave height
The speed and direction of ocean surface currnets are determined by the _______ and by the Earth's _______. wind; rotation
Created by: mr.olson