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Blood transfuse

When using whole blood? frequently used in hemorrhage and shock.
How many percent Hbg and Hct when transfuse 1 unit of whole blood? the hemoglobin by 1 gram and the hematocrit by 3%
what is minimum gage IV needle use for transfuse? 20
how many ml in 1 unit of Packed RBC? 250-300mls
what portion of blood contains clotting factor? plasma
How long RBC, WBC, Platelet can store in blood bank? RBC, WBC: 35 days; platelet: 5 days
how many ml in 1 unit of whole blood? 500ml
how many ml in 1 unit of platelet? 50-70ml
How low of platelet level to consider transfuse? under 100
When using packed RBC? anemic patients, chronic renal failure
What is the most concern for low platelet? cerebral hemorrhage
what indicate to Platelets transfuse? Used to treat bleeding d/t: thrombocytopenia ; functionally abnormal platelets
how long it need separate plasma from blood and frozen to have Fresh Frozen Plasma 6hrs
how many ml in 1 unit of packed fresh frozen plasma? 200-250ml
how long the Fresh Frozen Plasma can be stored? 1 year
how long Fresh Frozen Plasma after thawing can be used? withing 1-2hrs
what indicate to need albumin transfuse? Used to treat hypovolemia, shock, & chronic liver failure
how many ml in 1 unit of albumin? 50 ml bottles Commercially manufactured.
how long albumin can be stored? Stored up to 5 years
what indicate the need for Cryoprecipatates transfuse? It is given to treat factor VIII deficiency, low fibrinogen and factor 13 deficiency; Used to treat hemophilia & congenital or acquired fibrinogen deficiency
how long Cryoprecipatates after thawing can be used? 6hrs
how many ml in 1 unit of Cryoprecipatates? 15 mls/unit
Autologous Transfusion cannot be used for what patients? patients with leukemia or bacteremia
how to get blood for Autologous Transfusion Donations are made every 3rd day as logs as the hemoglobin remains above 11 grams / dl. The blood should be donated within 5 weeks of the need and the last donation should be made at least 3 days before the procedure.
Intraoperative/Postoperative Salvage has t o be used within how many hours 12 hrs
what happen if WBC is transfused? increase of a febrile reaction
one filter can be used for how many unit? The same filter and tubing can be used for 2 – 3 units.
how many hour the tubing transfusion need to be changed? 4 – 6 hours
one unit has to be infused within how many hour? 4 hours
what are you going to do when transfusion with Allergic reactions? pt wheezing, restlessness, anxiety, progressing to cyanosis, shock and possibly cardiac arrest Stop infusion, maintain IV site, give epinephrine per doctor’s order. Initiate CPR if necessary. Obtain urine and blood sample and send blood bag, normal saline, and IV tubing to the lab.
Created by: tp667