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Sound Test

Sound Unit

Sound is caused by vibrations
Medium any material through which a wave travels (solid, liquid, gas)
Sound can not travel through a vacuum
Intensity the amount of energy in a sound, or loudness
Pitch how low or high a sound is
Echo a reflected sound wave
Reverberation repeated echoes of sound
crest highest point of a wave
trough lowest point of a wave
wavelength the distance between two crests or two troughs
frequency how many wavelengths pass a fixed point each second
amplitude height of a wave
rest positon describes a wave at rest, not passing on energy
ultrasonic waves sound waves that have frequencies above the human range of hearing
Sound will travel fastest through a solid - steel
Sound waves can be absorbed by materials such as carpet, curtains, foam
Sound waves can be reflected by materials such as bare walls, caves, mountain tops
compressions dense regions of sound waves where molecules push together
rarefactions less dense regions of sound waves where molecules spread apart
Sonar used by ships and submarines - a system that uses reflected sound waves to detect and locate objects underwater
Echolocation the use of reflected sound waves to determine distances or to locate objects
Sonar and Echolocation use ultrasonic sound waves to detect objects or prey
hammer, anvil, stirrup amplify sound
cochlea has nerve fibers that vibrate to pick up different pitches
auditory nerve sends electrical impulses to the brain for interpretation
Eustachian tube helps drain fluid from the middle ear
Hearing Aid electronic device worn to amplify sound
Cochlear Implant surgically implanted device that sends electrical impulses to the auditory nerve
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