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Chapter 3

Brainstorming Process of generating ideas in order to develop solutions.
Computer Simulation Type of simulation used for testing because it keeps relatively little time and money to set up and run, but much can be learned.
Computer-Aided Design Software that creates 3-D drawings of design solution.
Computer Numerical Control Equipment used to convert CDA models into 3-D shapes.
Design Brief Document that guides the design process and includes constraints, such as size,cost,and quality.
Detail Drawing Technical drawings that accurately communicates size and shape and usually includes specific dimensions for others to see.
Engineering Design Creative application of technology to design a system, product, or process to solve a given problem or meet a given need.
Engineering Notebook Notebook used to record all the information ,engineering notebooks can be legal documents.
Ideation Process of generating ideas.
Mechanical Drawing Highly accurate technical drawing meant to communicate the size and shape of objects in great detail.
Multiview Drawing Drawing with true shape that shows what a part will look like from a given direction.
Orthographic Drawing Drawing with true shape that shows what a part will look like from a given direction.
Pictorial Drawing Drawing that shows a single view of an object in a way that makes it look 3-D ,as your eye would see it.
Problem Statement Document that outlines the problem in clear terms, but it is not so specific that it limits creativity in design.
Prototype Physical model of a final product or some aspect of a product.
Rapid Prototyping Way of creating 3-D models that uses machines and builds by laying down many thin layers of material until the entire shape has been created.
Rendering Full-color drawing that shows what the object will look like in a given light.
Reverse Engineering Method of determining the properties or function of a device.
Sketch Simple drawing used in the idea generation stage to record and communicate ideas so they can be refined further in the solution creation step.
Specification Sheet Design requirement of an engineered solution.
Three-Dimensional Type of model that can be made out of products like clay, plastic, wood, and foam, or can be drawn using 3-D CAD software.
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