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Japanese basics


See you! Matane!
I am leaving (home) Ite-ki-mas
Welcome home! Okaeri!
Fish Sakana
Car Kuruma
mushroom Kinoko
the meal was good Gochi-so-sama
Take care! Ite-ra-syai
How are you? O-genki-deska-o
I am fine Genki-des
I am so-so ma-mades
Sorry Gomen-nasai
Excuse me Sumi-masen
Bon appetit Itadakimas
bear kuma
good morning ohayo
good night oyasumi
octopus taco
map chizu
bird tori
cat neko
sunflower himawari
good job! / thank you for your effort otsukare
Cheer up / hang on Ganbatte
monkey saru
rabbit usagi
rain ame
ant ari
dog inu
cow ushi
beach umi
movie eiga
mother oka-san
turtle kame
frog kaeru
cake ke-ki
horse uma
glasses (sight) megane
boat kune
how old are you? nansai deska?
fox kitsune
chicken niwatori