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APS Social Studies

Physical Geography of Latin America

the Amazon River the second longest river in the world
Sierra Madre Oriental mountains running north south through Mexico on the eastern edge of the country
Sierra Madre Occidental mountains running north south through Mexico on the western edge of the country
Mexican Plateau a densely populated region in central Mexico
Central Highlands a chain of volcanic mountains that run through Central America
Sierra Madre del Sur where the two mountain ranges meet near Mexico City to form sharp peaks
cordilleras parallel mountain ranges
The Andes the longest mountain range in the world as well as one of the highest,stretching alongthe west coast of South America
altiplano a high plain found in Peru and Bolivia
The Mato Grosso Plateau a sparsely populated plateau of forests and grasslands in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru
escarpment a steep cliff or slope
llanos vast grasslands of Columbia and Venezuela
pampas vast grasslands of Argentina
gauchos cowhands of Argentina
Rio Grande forms part of the border between the US and Mexico
estuary an area where the tide meets a river current
Lake Titicaca in the Andes of Bolivia and Peru the world's highest navigable lake
Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is considered South America's largest lake but it is actually an inlet of the Caribbean Sea
selva dense cover of rainforest in Brazil
canopy continuous layers of broad leafed and needle leafed evergreen trees
Atacama Desert a region so arid that in some places no rainfall has ever been recorded
tierra caliente "hot land" sea level to 2,500 feet
tierra templada "temperate land" between 2,500 feet to 6,500 feet
tierra fria "cold land" 6,500 feet to 10,00 feet above sea level
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