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Unit 6 Quiz Review

Cells, cell theory, basic substances, organelles

The __________ _________________ states cells come from pre-existing living cells. cell theory
Which macromolecule is made of sugars? carbohydrates
Which macromolecule is made of long chains of amino acids? proteins
This macromolecule does not dissolve in water making it a great substance for cell membranes. lipids
Macromolecules that from when long chains of nucleotides join together are called ____________ _________________. nucleic acids
DNA is arranged into _________________________. chromosomes
The main ingredient in cells is ____________________. water
Water is ideal for ______________ substances. dissolving
Main function of carbohydrates: store energy, structural support, communication
Nucleic acids contain __________________________. genetic information.
Vacuoles __________________ food, water, waste, etc. store
This organelle contains green pigments that absorb light energy. chloroplasts
What is the function of the Golgi apparatus? package and distribute proteins
Describe the differences between a plant and animal cell that you may see under a microscope. animal: round, spread out, possibly bent/looking flexible plant: neatly organized rows, close together, visible cell wall and box shape
These organelles make proteins and are found in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. ribosomes
A main difference between prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells is ____________________. prokaryotic cells do not have a membrane surrounding their genetic information (no nulceus) eukaryotic cells have membrane bound DNA (nucleus)
What is the function of the mitochondria? To make energy for the cell by taking sugar (glucose) and turning it to ATP
This organelle is found within the nucleus, and it creates ribosomes. nucleolus
gate system for the cell; semipermeable, controls what goes in and out of the cell cell membrane
rigid outer layer of plant cells cell wall
gel-like fluid where organelles are found cytoplasm
use chemicals to break down food and waste in the cell lysosome
stores materials for the cell; plants have 1 large of these organelles while animal cells have few, smaller ones vacuole
passageways to carry proteins/materials around the cell endoplasmic reticulum (er)
assembles proteins ribosomes
control center of the cell where genetic information is stored; found in eukaryotic cells nucleus
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