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Chapter 2

Organization that accredits high-quality engineering programs . Accreditation board for Engineering and Technology
Sets of guidelines that should be followed when engineers interact with the public, their employers, their clients, and other engineers codes of ethics
Engineer who plans, coordinates, and schedules for structurs such as roads, bridges, and skyscrapers. Construction Engineer
Engineer who uses an engineering design process to create a product that meets the needs of client. Design Engineer
Engineer who is involved in the testing and analysis of ideas and products . Development Engineer
Effects product have on financial system . Economic impact
Effect engineered products have on human health and the world around us . Environmental impact
Guidelines that we use to help us to make decisions about our behavior . Ethics
Type of design that focuses on creating products that are not harmful to the environment throughout their life cycle . Green design
Engineer who coordinates all of the engineering processes including material and human resources . Management Engineer
Cost or effects that cause damage to people or to the environment . Negative impact
Engineer who controls and maintains large systems, railroad systems, and traffic system . Operation engineer
Exclusive rigth that is granted by a government to the creator of a new product or design so other cannot produce it without permission . Patent
Benefits or successful solutions to engineering design problems . Positive impact
Engineer who plans, coordinates, and schedules the manufacturing of coordinates, and schedules the manufacturing of consumer goods. Production Engineer
Designation for engineers who have completed licensure requirements, allowing engineers to approve, sign, and stamp plans and documents. Professional Engineer (P.E.)
Engineer who works with scientist to find uses for scientific discoveries . Research Engineer
Process that identifies and evaluates as many of the potential impacts of an engineered solutions as possible . Risk analysis
Engineer who works with clients to find products that meet their needs. Sales engineer
Effects that engineered products have on the lives of groups of people, such as housing, safety, food , communication, and transportation societal impact
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