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Bed to Wheelchair

Transferring a Resident to a Wheelchair

Step 1 Knock before entering the room. Identify and greet resident. Explain procedure. Perform hand hygiene. Provide for privacy. Ask for consent.
Step 2 Place chair parallel to or at a 45-degree angle to bed.
Step 3 Cover chair with bath blanket or protective pad.
Step 4 * Lock the wheels of the wheelchair.
Step 5 Remove or lift foot rests out of the way.
Step 6 * Adjust bed to lowest position, lock bed wheels, and raise head of bed (Fowler’s position).
Step 7 Fanfold top linens to the foot of bed.
Step 8 Put shoes on the resident and apply transfer belt. Must be tight – a flat hand should slide snug between the belt and the person.
Step 9 * Turn resident as a unit from Fowler’s to dangling position.
Step 10 Stand in front of resident.
Step 11 Grasp the transfer belt at each side.
Step 12 Position your feet and legs to provide stability for the resident and prevent the resident from falling or sliding.
Step 13 On the count of three, pull resident into a standing position as you straighten your knees.
Step 14 Support the resident in the standing position.
Step 15 Turn to lower the resident into the wheelchair as you bend your hips and knees. Position feet on footrests.
Step 16 Remove transfer belt. Cover the resident with bath blanket or lap robe.
Step 17 Unlock the wheels of the wheelchair. Provide for comfort.
Step 18 Attach signal light within the resident’s reach.
Step 19 Perform hand hygiene and report & record observations.
Created by: na3
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