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Fishing Units 6-10

6, 7, 8, and 10

what are the 2 names you are given when you go fishing? sport fisherman or angler
what can help improve fishing success? by using what you have learned about fish, habitat, food webs, niches, trophic-levels, and aquatic ecosystem
what is a sign of larger fish? (2 Examples) mineos darting from the surface, small fish in the shallows
where do you cast your line? where you think fish are feeding
what do fish use cover for? to escape and to help them ambush prey and To hidead from animals and protect fish
when do fish prefer to eat? during the low light conditions of morning and evening rather than in the bright sun of midday
What are three types of cover? Log, rocks, plants
what kind of habitats do hungry fish favor? where one kind of habitat changes to another---border areas
where are fish in a pond? Fish stay in shallow water in low light and choppy conditions but move to deeper water when the sun in bright and winds are calm
What fish will bite day or night? Catfish, bass, and crappie
when are fish near the surface? in spring and early summer.
why do fish go deeper into the water? to cool down
What happens with warm and cold fronts? Warm fronts improve fishing. Cold fronts reduce fish movements
what type of weather is good for fishing NOT during a thunderstorm, but a lite rain is good
Why are there fishing rules? Protect species by limiting the time of year during which they may be taken
when do you have to have a fishing license? age 16-64
what is Conservation? helps us to make sure our aquatic ecosystems and other resources stay diverse, balanced, and healthy far into the future
what is an ecosystem? a complex web of relationships between living and non-living things
What are the biotic parts of an ecosystem? (living) Communities of plant and animal populations including humans
What are the abiotic parts of an ecosystem? Sunlight, air, water, minerals, temperature, and soil
what are aquatic ecosystems? Ecosystems organized around bodies of water
What are the three kinds of aquatic ecosystems Missouri has? Streams, lakes, and wetlands
What are anglers? A fancy term for fisherman
what is way to tell if the water is polluted or test the water quality? to look for pollution sensitive invertebrates
What are some examples of invertebrates that are sensitive to pollution? Stoneflies, caddisflies, and mayflies
If you find these invertebrates what does that tell you about the water quality? It's a healthy stream
What do you know about a stream if these particular invertebrates are missing? It's polluted
What are two examples of pollution-tolerant invertebrates? Blackfly larva and bloodworm
what is Biodiversity? a high number of species, as well as a high number of sensitive species living in a stream are good signs of a healthy stream
describe the stream order... headwaters/1st and 2nd order- have no rooted or floating plants, smaller fish live here 3rd-5th order- rooted and floating plants are here, support many types of animals
what is standing water? lakes and ponds
what is flowing water? rivers and streams/creeks
which is larger? lake or pond? lake
where are plants in a pond? all over the bottom because its small enough for sunlight to go though it all
A pond’s _______________ is fairly even throughout and changes with air temperature temperature
what are oxygen levels at in the air? constant, staying around 21 percent all the time
In a pond the oxygen levels can vary widely over the course of a day. Why? Because water takes up oxygen from the air more slowly than animals in the pond
What is happening in the day vs night with the oxygen levels? Day: plants are photosynthesizing and giving off oxygen (raising oxygen levels in the water) Night: plants stop photosynthesizing. Animals use oxygen let over from the day
what, other than plants, make oxygen for the body of water? plant-like plankton
Where is most of the plant life in a lake or pond? In a ring a round the shoreline
what is pond succession? rosion brings sediment to the pond, replacing water with soil and creating more shallow areas. Decaying animals and plants fall to the pond bottom, adding to and enriching the sediment. This natural process is called pond succession
_______________ that fills the pond also can bring pollution causing excess soil and plant nutrients to overload the pond and unbalance its growth cycle. Surface water
what does algae do for the pond? algae overgrowth makes the water cloudy and shades out rooted plants. The dead algae uses up a lot of oxygen and causes the fish to die from a lack of oxygen.
what can help keep ponds healthy? Good Watershed management is important to keeping a pond healthy. Stopping excess erosion and runoff loaded with fertilizers, pesticides, or other pollutants is key.
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