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Woody Plants week 3

common, scientific, family name

Alnus rugosa Betulaceae, Speckled alder
Betula alleghaniensis Betulaceae, Yellow birch
Betula pumila Betulaceae, Bog birch
Betula Xpurpusii Betulaceae, Purpus birch
Cornus florida Cornaceae, Flowering dogwood
Hamamelis virginiana Hamamelidaceae, Witch-hazel
Parathenocissus quinquefolia Vitaceae, Virginia creeper
Populus alba Salicaceae, European white poplar
Populus deltoides Salicaceae, Eastern cottonwood
Populus grandidentata Salicaceae, Bigtooth aspen
Populus tremuloides Salicaceae, Trembling aspen
Populus Xrouleauiana Salicaceae, White poplar hybrid
Rhus glabra Anacardiaceae, Smooth sumac
Rhus typhina Anacardiaceae, Staghorn sumace
Sassafras albidum Lauraceae, Sassafras
Toxicodendron radicans Anacardiaceae, Poison ivy
Toxicodendron vernix Anacardiaceae, Poison sumac
Viburnum acerifolium Caprifoliaceae, Mapleleaf viburnum
Created by: wildkarde13