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chapter 2 Planning for and Controlling Construction

Airports a place for airplanes to land and takeoff. Includes terminal facilities for passengers and cargo.
Arterial streets roadways that receive traffic from collector streets. They usually are four or more lanes and do not have traffic signals.
Branch lines small pipes that connect individual sites to trunk lines.
Capital budget that portion of a budget earmarked for expenditure of public money for construction projects included in the capital improvements program.
Capital improvements program estimate of costs and schedule of construction projects for the community.
City planner professional who develops long and short-term plans to create an organized community.
Collector streets roadways that receive traffic from service streets. They generally have four or more lanes and traffic signals.
Community parks large recreation areas that can accommodate picnic areas, shelter houses, hiking trails, tennis courts, ball fields, and swimming pools.
Deteriorated poorly maintained
Development plan detailed plan that describes how community development goals will be achieved.
Divide highway roadway with at least two lanes in each direction, separated by a strip of land
Limited-access highway roadway that has a fixed number of access points. This reduces the number of accidents and maximizes traffic flow.
Neighborhood parks relatively small recreational spaces that contain play equipment. They are often built within housing developments.
Pipelines: cylindrical tubes used to transport natural gas, oil, and gasoline over long distances.
Planning board board members are chosen by the community to represent their interests
Railroads roadways made of two parallel rails fixed to wooden ties. Used to move railroad cars.
Service streets roadways built in housing developments. They connect to collector streets.
Trade area the area from which a business draws customers
Trunk lines large pipes that move water from storage tanks to smaller branch lines.
Utility construction construction of gas, electricity, communication, water, and sewer services.
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