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Latin List 4 vocab

Book 3 List 4 Quiz- Quiz 5- Vocabulary

testudo turtle, tortoise testudinal
testa shell, tile testudinal; testacies
arbor tree Arbor Day; arboretum
via road, way via; (trick) kia on the via
victor (know the genitive form & its gender) winner; genitive= victoris; gender= masculine victorious; victory, names Victor & Victoria
auris ear aural
vulpes fox volpine
excito wake excite
turgeo swell up turgid (plant swollen w/ water)
ambulo walk ambulance; amble; perambulator; ambulatory
tardo slow down, delay tardy; retardando
volo fly volleyball
utor use utility; utilize
longus long longitude
stultus foolish stultify
superbus proud superb
defessus tired, weary deficit
sub under submarine; submerge; subterranean; subway
in in, on inside
(IDK if we have to know review) propero hurry; hasten
habeo have; hold habit
praemium prize premium
video see video
malus wicked, bad, evil malicious
est he/she/it is
sed but
domus home dome
do give donate, dedicate
monstro show, point out (trick) point out the monster
ad to, toward, at advance; etc
lepus hare leporine, leap
Created by: GuineaPigwca