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Female Pericare

Giving Female Perineal Care

Step 1 Knock before entering the room. Identify and greet resident. Explain procedure. Wash your hands. Provide for privacy. Ask for consent.
Step 2 Fill the wash basin with warm water. 105° - 109°F
Step 3 * Raise side rails. Raise bed to the best level for good body mechanics.
Step 4 Lower side rail nearest you. Position the resident on her back, drape with a bath blanket and remove top linen.
Step 5 * Put on disposable gloves.
Step 6 Place a waterproof pad under buttocks.
Step 7 Assist the resident to flex knees and spread legs, if able. Otherwise, help the resident to spread legs as much as possible with knees straight. Remove drape from top to keep legs covered.
Step 8 Wet washcloth, squeeze excess water from washcloth. Make a mitted washcloth. Apply soap.
Step 9 * Separate the labia. Clean downward from front to back with one stroke. Use only 1 stroke then say step 10. .
Step 10 Repeat steps 8 & 9 until the area is clean. Use a clean part of the washcloth for each stroke. Use more than one washcloth if needed. You must say this step.
Step 11 Rinse the perineum with a clean washcloth. Separate the labia. Stroke downward from front to back. Only 1 stroke. You need to say “repeat with a clean part of the washcloth as needed.”
Step 12 Pat the area dry with the towel.
Step 13 Assist the resident to lower the legs and turn onto the side, away from you.
Step 14 * Wash from the vagina to the anus with one stroke. Repeat as necessary until clean with a clean area of the washcloth. Rinse and pat dry.
Step 15 Remove waterproof pad.
Step 16 * Remove and discard the gloves.
Step 17 Cover the resident with top linen and remove the bath blanket. Provide for comfort. Place bath blanket in dirty linen hamper.
Step 18 Raise side rail. Lower bed. Lower side rail. Attach signal light within resident’s reach. Empty, clean and store supplies.
Step 19 Wash hands and report & record observations.
Created by: na3