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Chemical Principles IX

Why is carbon so important in the chemistry of life? The condition of outer electron shell, there are 4 electrons and 4 vacancies. This allows carbon to react with many other atoms & with other carbon atoms to form a variety of chains & rings. These are the basis of many organic compounds in living cells
Why are lipids important components of living cells? They are a major component of membranes in both structure and function. They serve as a boundary between the cell and the environment. Lipids function in energy storage and are also a component of some bacterial cell walls.
Explain the role of pH buffers in the growth of bacterial cultures in laboratory media. Waste products excreted by bacteria alter the pH of the medium. pH buffers such as K+phos, monobasic- are added to media to prevent drastic changes in pH. w/o this the media would become acidic enough to inactivate bacterial enzymes & kill the organism.
Why is ATP indispensable to cells? It is the principal energy carrying molecule of the cell. It stores chemical energy released by some reactions & releases energy 4 reactions that require energy. ATP releases lge amts of usable energy when it loses its terminal phos grp. ATP~ADP+P+energy
Created by: Micheleledet17