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Microbial World VII

What are the advantages of using microorganisms to control insect pests? Biological control agents, such as Bacillus thuringiensis, are specific for insects, they don’t pose a threat to humans & other animals. They do not remain in the soil as toxic pollutants that enter and concentrate in the food chain such as DDT.
Although penicillin was first discovered in 1928, it wasn’t clinically tested until 1940’s. What kinds of issues and problems must have been addressed before making PCN available? Isolation of Pcn notatum, development a way to extract & purify, ways to produce significant quantities, how is it tolerated, side effects etc. susceptibility, microbial resistance
Discuss similarities and differences between syphilis epidemic in the 1940’s and the current AIDS epidemic. Both sexually transmitted, no vaccine, was no effective drug, Control through behavior. Differences; AIDS transmitted via needles, blood, breast milk, Syphilis treated with antibiotics
List three characteristics unique to prokaryotes Have a single, circular chromosome that is not enclosed by a nuclear envelope, lack true organelles, most have peptidoglycan in their cell walls, binary fission is a common form of reproduction.
How did Bassi's and Pasteur's work on silkworm disease help to reinforce the germ theory of disease? Bassi demonstrated that a microscopic microbe, a fungus, caused disease in silkworms. Pasteur established that another microbe, a protozoan, also caused infections in silkworms. Both of these established a link between microbes and disease.
Created by: Micheleledet17