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Microbial World I

In 1668, demonstrated that maggots appeared only in decaying meat that had been exposed to flies. Francesco Redi
Introduced the concept that living cells arise from other living cells. Rudolph Virchow
Introduced the technique of vaccination for smallpox Edward Jenner
First to use the microscope to observe “cells “ Robert Hooke
Made an association between silkworm disease and a fungus Agostino Bassi
A surgeon who used carbolic acid to control wound infections. Joseph Lister
First to speculate about the possibility of a “magic bullet” that would destroy a pathogen without harming the host. Paul Ehrlich
Discovered Penicillin Alexander Fleming
Using anthrax as a model, demonstrated that a specific microorganism is the cause of a specific disease. Robert Koch
Originated our system of scientific nomenclature Carolus Linnaeus
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